ETP specializes in weekly menus that are not only nut and gluten free, but also focus on low FODMAP*, lactose free, anti-candida, and vegetarian meals. Besides this bountiful harvest of recipes, Natasha provides coaching for individuals with multiple or complex dietary requirements. As ETP continues to grow, future projects will also focus on encouraging patients to embrace healthy, simple, delicious eating with the help of their health care team. 


When Dr. Natasha Arora learned she couldn’t eat onions anymore she didn’t get discouraged. She got creative. By making a simple switch from onions to turnips, her body and her taste buds were satisfied. Now, she’s here to help you find your delicious alternatives. 


After completing her Ph.D., Natasha wanted nothing more than to share her love for tasty, simple, fresh flavors. Eats Treats & Parsnips was born to help others who love food and are ready to turn dietary requirements into an adventure. Her extensive minimalist recipe library caters to anyone cooking for folks with dietary restrictions. 


ETP has additional support from Dr. Nigam Arora relating to use of CBD and cannabis and from Karl Williams relating to fitness and use of supplements.


Explore, taste, enjoy!


*FODMAP: Fermentable carbs found in foods that lead to many GI symptoms in many people with IBS.

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