Prior to starting ETP, Natasha was a full time biologist. While at MIT as a postdoc, she studied the gut, and worked to create a model of the intestines that would shed light on disorders of the gut and on the workings of the microbiome and the immune system in the gut. She is currently available for corporate consulting projects on a part time basis. Her body of knowledge is particularly valuable for startups and academic labs.


With a Ph.D., over a decade of experience in the lab, and years of working with corporate and 1:1 clients and individuals, Natasha is well equipped to work with you on projects involving the following areas:

  • Cellular disease models
  • iPSC differentiations
  • Gut health
  • And more


Past projects have included:

  • Identifying potential collaborators and partners
  • Developing research strategies for a next generation organ-on-a-chip
  • Literature reviews
  • Evaluating iPSC differentiation protocols


Right now, Natasha is particularly interested in working with groups who want to leverage the power of iPSCs, looking to identify state-of-the-art differentiation and gene editing methods and technologies, and need market research to identify aligned opportunities in the stem cell space.


Natasha is also seeking corporate development projects in the gut health space, from understanding available cellular models to the microbiome to the genetic component.


If you want to learn more, reach out to [].



Natasha Arora, PhD, has experience speaking on a wide range of topics for corporate and private groups. For more information on availability and pricing, reach out to [] .

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