You have complex dietary requirements, and it’s opening up a whole new world! Foods you’ve never imagined are coming your way. Are you excited? Good, because your adventure begins now!


Each package begins with a free consultation. We’ll get to know each other and start planning your dietary transformation. New doors are opening, and ETP is ready to be your guide.



Package 1 – Adventures in Eating


This package is for those who are ready for change, seeking joyful clarity around food. Four weeks of services. We’ll set goals for you and homework to keep you accountable. We’ll  follow up with a 30 minute phone call each week to track your progress. In our final session, we’ll make a plan for you to continue moving forward. 





Package 2 – Meal Plan of Attack


This package is for folks who want to take the next BIG step in their food journey. Following a 30 minute consultation, we will create two weeks of meal plans WITH recipes just for you. You will have access to support via phone or video throughout this two week adventure. We will finish with a 30 minute closing call to help you plan the next steps in your food journey. 





Package 3 – Triggers Be Warned


Find and overcome your triggers! We will work together in 50 minute sessions for 3 – 6 weeks to figure out what your trigger foods are, and how to work around them. 


$495 +, dependent on number of sessions necessary



Package 4 – Customized Coaching


Don’t see what you need? Let’s make a plan just for you. A la carte coaching services begin at $145 for a 50 minute session.  All sessions include an action plan and follow up. 


Specific services that may be provided in a custom coaching program include:

  • Breaking down a big diet change into manageable steps
  • Identifying trigger foods
  • Learning to read ingredient labels
  • Finding food substitutions that fit with food goals 
  • Specific recipes 
  • Meal plans
  • Grocery lists
  • Accountability



Reach out to for more information, or sign up directly for a free consultation here.



Prior to starting ETP, Natasha was a full time biologist. While at MIT as a postdoc, she studied the gut, and worked to create a model of the intestines that would shed light on disorders of the gut and on the workings of the microbiome and the immune system in the gut. She is currently available for corporate consulting projects on a part time basis. Her body of knowledge is particularly valuable for startups and academic labs.


With a Ph.D., over a decade of experience in the lab, and years of working with corporate and 1:1 clients and individuals, Natasha is well equipped to work with you on projects involving the following areas:

  • Cellular disease models
  • iPSC differentiations
  • Gut health
  • And more


Past projects have included:

  • Identifying potential collaborators and partners
  • Developing research strategies for a next generation organ-on-a-chip
  • Literature reviews
  • Evaluating iPSC differentiation protocols


Right now, Natasha is particularly interested in working with groups who want to leverage the power of iPSCs, looking to identify state-of-the-art differentiation and gene editing methods and technologies, and need market research to identify aligned opportunities in the stem cell space.


Natasha is also seeking corporate development projects in the gut health space, from understanding available cellular models to the microbiome to the genetic component.


If you want to learn more, reach out to [].



Natasha Arora, PhD, has experience speaking on a wide range of topics for corporate and private groups. For more information on availability and pricing, reach out to [] .



“I would 100% go to Natasha for any food consultation needs.”


Natasha offers a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that covers the wide realm of basic sciences spanning biology and the food sciences. Her PhD background in stem cell research has given her a solid understanding in experimental design which she has successfully applied to the lab as well as her efforts in customizing recipes that meet specific stringent criteria. This is extremely important for tailoring recipes and nutritional plans to people who have restrictive diets due to allergies and gastrointestinal issues. Faced with a world of food options and recipe possibilities, I would 100% go to Natasha for any food consultation needs  – Marianna



“Working towards a better diet and healthier life.”


I’m a vegetarian (no meat, no fish, no eggs) with a very busy work schedule that involves a lot of travel. This means that I have minimal time and energy to plan weekly meal schedules, make a grocery list, and prepare healthy meals that match my dietary restrictions and preferences. Since neglecting these things has a significant negative impact on my health, I was in desperate need of resources that could help me create and sustain a balanced diet during a stressful time. The ETP website has been an incredible tool for finding new, simple, and healthy recipes that are clearly labeled with dietary restrictions – in addition to finding vegetarian food, I was able to find recipes that catered to restrictions that only apply to my diet some of the time (soy-free, dairy-free) and restrictions that apply to my friends (gluten-free, nut-free). I also love the regular tips and tricks ETP dishes out on its instagram page as they help me develop simple habits (pre-packaging snacks for travel etc.) as I work towards a better diet and healthier life. – Ritu



“I promise you won’t regret it.”


I know lots of you who are under certain dietary restrictions. And others who are just looking for healthy & yummy recipes?.

My friend Natasha Arora runs the Eats Treats & Parsnips blog full of countless recipes that meet many different dietary needs. Whether you’re looking for gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, dairy-free, paleo, soy-free, vegetarian, and more—her recipes can be easily filtered to match your needs.

Natasha is constantly sharing some amazing free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert. She is super consistent with her content & always so helpful. Consider giving her a follow, I promise you won’t regret it ?! – Casey



“I learned so much!”


I tried the corn chowder recipe and while I substituted most of the ingredients for things I had on hand, I learned so much about the procedures of making a good soup!  Like not overcooking the root or fragrant vegetables.  Will definitely try another recipe! – Catherine



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