Do you want to be healthier and have more energy, but don’t have the time?


Have you tried exercise and nutrition programs, but they didn’t work?
You have just found the best program!
  • Easy to follow
  • Low time commitment
  • Flexible to suit your lifestyle
  • Combines exercise and diet
  • Skip it as often as you need to and still reap the benefits
  • No exercise equipment required
 Now that you have found the best wellness program, start today to invest in the source of everything good in your life – your health.
Dr. Natasha Arora
Susan E. Driscoll, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Starter Package Includes:

  • First 7 days of the program
  • 14 videos
  • 90 minutes of exercises
  • 40 minutes of food talk
  • 1 food prep demo
  • 8 pre/post workout snack suggestions
  • Access to full ETP recipe collection


Regular Price*: $44.00

Sale Price:  $30.80 (30% OFF)


Standard Package Includes:

  • Full 14 day program
  • 28 videos
  • 3 hours of exercises
  • 90 minutes of food talk
  • 3 food prep demos
  • 12 pre/post workout snack suggestions
  • Access to full ETP recipe collection


Regular Price*: $79.00

Sale Price: $55.30 (30% OFF)


Premium Package Includes:

  • Everything from the Standard Package
  • A comprehensive one-on-one consultation** with Susan to discuss your personal fitness goals.  This includes exercise recommendations along with demos designed exclusively for you!
  • A one-on-one consultation** with Natasha to discuss your nutrition goals.  This includes custom meal and snack suggestions with full recipes.


Regular Price*: $149.00

Sale Price: $104.30 (30% OFF)


“Looking forward to tomorrow!!!”


I started Parsnips and Planks today! It is perfect for the end of a day spent sitting at a computer. I enjoyed the program. Looking forward to tomorrow!!! – Carol


“Parsnips and Planks is excellent.”


“Parsnips and Planks is excellent. The third day ab workout felt wonderful after a day of Zoom meetings.” – Joy

Frequently Asked Questions


 1. Do I have to start the day I sign up?

  You can begin the Parsnips and Planks program any day that you choose!


 2. Do I have to do both the food talk and workout the same day?

  No. You can watch the videos separately. 


 3. What if I miss a day?

  You can do it the next day or any day. This program is designed to be flexible to work with your schedule.  


 4. What if I can’t do it 14 days in a row?

  No problem. You can space the program over as many days as you want. It is totally up to you!


 5. How long will I have access to the videos?

  You will have access to all videos for a year, and you can watch them  numerous times! You can also combine videos if you want a longer workout or if you want to learn more about appropriate food options. These videos can  be used as reference videos and can be revisited again and again.


 6. How much time does it take every day? 

  Parsnips and Planks only takes 20 -25 minutes each day for both the food talk and exercise videos. You can also choose to watch the videos separately. They are each 15 minutes or less.


 7. I’m new to workouts.  Is this too advanced?

  Modifications are provided to make the program accessible for all fitness levels.


 8. I routinely exercise.  Will I get anything out of this?

  Yes! This program not only will be a reminder of proper form, but with the food talk you will learn the best foods to eat ( and when to eat) to not only fuel your workouts but also to recover from your workouts.


9. What do I do if I have technical issues?

If you are having issues accessing week 2, first try clearing the cache on your browser.  Alternatively, manually type the link into your browser. For any technical issues, contact us at  We are here to help!

*You will receive a link to the videos within 24 hours of purchase.

**Support calls must be used within 3 months of purchasing the program.

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