Six guiding principles for a good breakfast

July 30, 2018

Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, a good breakfast will set you up for a good day.  If you’re anything like me, there are multiple options for breakfast to make sure something sounds delightfully delicious in the morning.  Smoothies, waffles with apple butter, blueberry bars, veggie hash browns, or eggs.  Oh my!  How will I choose?  As a rule of thumb, I always eat breakfast, but what I eat is determined by how I feel when I step into the kitchen in the morning.  I start with a cup of lemon ginger tea while I decide what to eat.  If I wake up from hunger pains, a multicourse, protein heavy breakfast is in order.  I’ll sip on a small smoothie while I get ready and then eat a piece of Carrot Parsnip Casserole before heading out the door.  On the flip side, if I have no appetite at all in the morning, I’ll slowly enjoy a large smoothie or indulge in a breakfast treat like Winter Squash Sweet Potato Pie (recipe coming soon!).

Six guiding principles for breakfast

  1. Drink water or even better, warm tea. In the morning, you need to rehydrate in addition to breaking the fast from sleeping.
  2. Don’t over eat. You can always have a “second breakfast.”
  3. Choose fruits and/or vegetables along with either a protein or carbohydrates.
  4. Eat slowly, and enjoy the food. Your digestive system is waking up too.  You wouldn’t jump out of bed and run a marathon.  You would gently stretch and warm up first.
  5. Avoid dairy. Wait until your digestive system is awake before eating dairy.  Yogurt makes a great second breakfast!
  6. If you’re tempted to skip breakfast, have a smoothie.

By preparing options ahead of time, you’ll have just the right breakfast ready and waiting for you in the morning.  Savor the food, enjoy breaking the fast, and set the tone for a terrific day!

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