Party tips for hosts and guests

June 24, 2019

It’s officially summer time!  Bring on the parties, picnics, cook outs, and family reunions!  With these tips and recipes, you can enjoy summer gatherings as a guest or a host without worrying about what you’re eating.

When you’re a guest:

  1. Bring a dish to share that is safe for you to eat. If it’s one of those top notch recipes, make sure you load up your plate before it’s all gobbled up! Suggestions: strawberry salsa, avocado radish dip, savory muffins, or rosemary popcorn.
  2. For longer parties, think meals. If you feel comfortable, ask the host what the options will be.  Sometimes, it’s simple to keep one piece of chicken to the side or pick up a different brand of veggie burgers.  If it’s not that kind of party, either eat before you go and then enjoy the side dishes and snacks at the party or bring a single serving of a meal that works for you.  Suggestions: pasta salad, southwest salad, or vegetarian sushi rolls.
  3. Be prepared to answer questions about your diet or why you aren’t eating much. There’s no need to be shy in discussing food.  It’s just food.  Everyone eats, and everyone eats according to their preferences.  Our food coaches can role play this type of conversation with you, so that you’re comfortable at parties.

When you’re the host:

  1. Keep the food simple. Make/Buy a few dishes that are safe for you to eat that everyone will enjoy. If everything is safe for you, great!  If it’s easier to buy the rest of the food, that’s great too!
  2. If possible, ask you guests if they have dietary restrictions.  Simply opening the door for communication can make your guests much more comfortable.  Our food coaches can plan a party menu for you that will accommodate most dietary restrictions.
  3. Make/Buy food that is easy to toss together to keep stress levels down. You want to be relaxed and enjoy your party!
  4. Take short cuts with food prep where you can. For example, buy pre-cut fruit for fruit kebabs or pre-smashed avocado for avocado dip and chips.
  5. Start early. Rushing to get everything ready leads to a frazzled host.  Pick up the groceries and decorations a day or two in advance.  Prepare some of the food ahead of time, like simple syrup for mint lemonade or a double batch of strawberry mango cookies.

Most importantly, kick back and enjoy!  Enjoy the good company, breathe in the fresh air, laugh, and play.  It’s summer!


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